POCARI SWEAT TVC & Behind the scene

POCARI SWEAT is a Japanese sports drink which is well known in Hong Kong. They have been producing humanise TV commercials for years.

Most of their productions were casted high school students and teenagers, which I found very much matching their brand image, sportive, energetic  and positive.

Recently, I saw their latest TVC on social media which was very inspiring and encouraging.

I am amazed with the team work done by the large group of students.



These have been their slogans for years, which means “Myself is surely beyond imagination/ expectation. Just release the potential.”

I really like how Japanese understands and interprets humanity.
They see every subject in a natural yet sentimental way.

I have been struggling about not being experimental enough as an artist.
But after watching this video, I am sure that everyone has their own notion in creation. At the moment, I want to be realistic in conveying human emotions.

I also want to explore if my animation can do what is done here.


Here is the clip of behind the scene

I actually cried after watch this. XD
I really love the idea of team work.

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