The assessment date is coming. I have been working on them day and night and still have not enough time. T_T

It’s been so stressful that even worse than my previous life in advertising industry. hahaha As we were allowed to report to work late after working over time like off work at 3am previous night. And now everything must be on time even assessment deadline is approaching.

Maybe I am just getting old and not as energetic as I used to be…
or advertising isn’t actually as terrible as I thought? sigh..

Go back to work ba..

I am still enjoying everything after all XD

Hong Kong Animation | Presentation


In this first term, everyone had to present and introduce an animator from their hometown.
I had been so nervous 2 weeks before the presentation. I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s impression to the animation industry of Hong Kong.
So I had been doing loads of researches and preparations to make things as perfect as possible.

And I was actually amazed by the talent of our people which was beyond my expectation. (*thumbs up*) They are able to express our own sense of humour and present high level of artworks at the same time.

Most of their stories are quite realistic and based on the actual happenings in our society, which connect the Hongkongers.

At the end, I decided to introduce a small production as I thought it’s a hidden gem which needed more exposure. lol


It is called the TREEHOUSE STUDIO.
It was founded by 2 talented young guys. They mainly do high quality animation, character designs for advertisement. Besides working with creative agencies and direct clients, they also produced their own short films.


I knew the studio from this short film.


I was amazed by their skills, use of colours and the way they actually made the character looking so convincing and coming to life! It is so emotional but funny at the same time! I really want to create works which impress audiences like this!

Here are some artworks of the Thingers! (name of these lovely characters)



In the beginning, their business was slow, so they applied for the animation support funding from the government and created a short animation casting the Thingers.

The short film is based in a Hong Kong train station, and what happens in this train station are specific memories of a certain period of time. 4 levels of the train station replicates 4 decades of Hong Kong.


On the first level shows how terrible our transport was before the railway first opened.During the 1970s, the police corruption was so common and serious, the police was just like gangs. Then an independent commission was formed to stop it. Then the economy started growing and all in a sudden financial turmoil happened ppl gone crazy. And nowadays we have become an energetic metropolitan.

Here is the other interesting short film they made!




The script that I prepared for the presentation! I was so worried if it was going to be overrun. XD

Malika Favre

Malika Favre has been my most favourite illustrator for more than 2 years.
I knew her from the researches on contemporary illustrations.

Malika cleverly uses clean lines and shapes, bold colours and negative space to creative minimal but dynamic composition. I have been fallen in love with her style and talent.

Recently the ads of American Express in underground remind me of her.
Not sure whose works they are as I have been searching for the digital version on the internet but couldn’t get any matching results…


Honestly I think this print ads couldn’t portray the best of her ability.
She does better on drawing human figures.
More amazing illustrations on her portfolio site.


Character Design Workshop

On week 6, we had our first Character Design Workshop with our lecturer Penelope.

The workshop was completely different from what I had expected. I thought we would be sitting quietly, studying some references and drawing characters.

In fact, we had a lot of discussions and brainstorming sections with everyone in class. We shared our thoughts and observations, which were very helpful to know more about each other and understand everyone’s ideas.

During the long lunch break, Penelope asked us to go to the King’s Cross station and draw a few pedestrians. I enjoyed it a lot as I always had the thought of drawing outside but never took real action. People come and go in seconds. I believe this exercise can strength our observing skills and attention to details. I am going to make it as a habit.




After the drawing session, we created our own character based on the drawings of pedestrians.

Penelope set a few questions to help us on brainstorming. And here are my answers:

Name: Kevin
Age: 49
Hates:  Veggie, Noise
Loves: Jazz music, plants, gardening, coffee, a moment alone, my cat, my wife
Things that make me laugh: Watching my cat doing silly things
When I am angry I: Don’t want to talk to anyone
I lie about: Actually, my wife’s cooking is terrible but I’ll never tell anyone/ her
What I really want: A peaceful life with my wife and cat
What stops me getting what I want: Nothing
My weakness is: I don’t care
My secret is: I will never tell anyone
I am good at: Writing
I want people to think I’m: I can’t control what people think

Then we passed the our papers to let others further developing the character.


Here is how Laura interpret my character.
I found it very similar to how I imagine “Kevin” would be.

Below is the character I drew based on Alex’s description.
I am glad that she loved my design. 🙂


According to Alex, the character is actually different from what I understand.


And finally, here is the story I wrote about the miserable life of Michael…


I really had a lot of fun! I talked a lot more than I usually did in class! XD
I would love to have more interactive classes!

Week 05 | Weight and Balance

There are so many in-betweens happening in this week’s exercise!

This week, I focused on drawing the character consistently in shape and size, It took more time than usual but worth it!


The animation looks so smooth and detailed.
Steve’s handouts are so helpful that I am going to execute each them as exercise. I have started feeling panicky about the next year’s projects, as I saw those 2nd year students rushing to meet the deadline. I need to be more prepared and equipped.

I am still working on the version with my design of characters. (which takes longer time than I expected..)
Here are some rough sketches…


It was inspired by my friend’s newborn son, whose head is bigger than his mom’s. lol




Anyway, stay tuned for my design of weight lifting animation!