Hippy Patrick’s Walk

Here is how I animated Patrick in TVPaint.
I first drew the body figure of Patrick by rough pencil lines, then traced it by using clean thick pen on a new layer.
Patrick is approximately 5 heads tall.


Next step is to put clothes on Patrick. His clothes’ texture are more like soft plastic which don’t wave much.


Now comes the hair bit. Initially I wanted to give him hair which moves like ocean waves. When I started experimenting, I felt in love with this bouncy style which made him looking more attractive.

Patrick is always a person surprising his surroundings by the great contrasts born with him. He looks calm and introvert but actually very enthusiastic when it comes to the matters he concerns about. His bouncy and energetic hair shows his actual mood at the moment.


Here is the final outcome~


60’s Counterculture

To be honest, 60’s Counterculture is an unfamiliar topic to me..
I heard about John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Hippies style, but had absolutely no ideas about the history behind.

After some researches and readings on Counterculture, I really appreciate their believes and fashion style.

6 hippie-history-flower-gun

hippie-history-sitting-down hippie-history-pentagon-march

Here is the final design of my Counterculture character, Patrick.
Patrick is an introverted person who doesn’t have significant mood swing. He always gives people a cool impression because his eyebrows are covered by fringe. But actually most of the time he is calm and peaceful.


He love nature, animals, plants, meditation and peaceful environment. His dramatic hair always bounds and waves without wind blowing.character01_cheuk-kwan-lai







Before the winter holiday started, we learned about animating 4-leg animals.
It’s so hard to keep 4 legs looking consistent in shape and position…
All I did was kept redrawing and redrawing lol

Pug is my most favourite among all species of dogs. haha
They look a bit clumsy and silly yet faithful, which show an unusual kind of cuteness.

running-pug-pics-cute dog-pug-a_pug_sprinting_at_full_pace_with_its_tongue_out

This is the initial pencil draft of my little pug.


And the coloured version by TVPaint.


Actually he is chasing a butterfly. Will publish the final version soon!

Puppet Workshop

Today I had the first attempt on puppet animation.


It was quite hard to keep the gesture and position of the puppet in the right place.
(and a bit painful to play with the metal puppet.. lol and i think i will not use metal as a material if i ever make a stop motion animation in the future.. lol)

But after all it was quite fun and enjoyable to see the result!

This workshop recalled my memory of this animation.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s another production of a Hong Kong studio called Nine Monkeys Workshop. They created the crafted sceneries based on traditional Hong Kong products and environment. Enjoy!