Green Screen Footage Shooting

I have designed an anteater in minimal style for the green screen project.

We have been told to create simple story and animation for this project just showing our techniques and knowledges in compositing live action and animation.

Therefore I planned to do all the action parts by myself and less animation so as to reduce my workload in animation lol.

Basically I am an annoying visitor in a zoo. I will be as tiny as an ant. At the beginning the anteater is deeply asleep. I am doing everything to wake him up and draw his attention.

On the shooting day, I learned about the importance of teamwork and brainstorming. Our group of people were doing everyone’s best to help each other to achieve the best results.

Here are some points that I found important for shooting:

1. Storyboarding and preparation – We have to plan everything in advance in order to save time and carry out the best results.

2. Body language – exaggeration to make the scenery interesting.

3. Composition of your design and the relationship between the angle of the camera – to make the outcome more natural.

After all, it was a great experience that I enjoyed it very much.


Here are some sketches of anteater for the character development.
I have been looking for the basic features of anteater in order to create a creature which is formed by minimal lines and shapes.


A rough layout of the scene.



Trying to execute in Illustrator.


Body Language

This is the storyboard/ plan for my body language exercise.


My character is a boy who loves Japanese anime cultures and always spends hours at home playing games.
One day he walks passed an electronic shop where he finds a newly released game consoles. He can’t take his eyes off from it. Suddenly something smashed on his face. It is a lottery ticket. In the mean time, the lottery result is showing on the television beside him.


Work in progress.



Final Outcome of movement.. (lacking time to draw his outfit XD)


Natural History Museum

Today we had the first field trip of our course.
We went to the Natural History Museum in the morning, and started our day with cups of coffee and nice sunshine.


The museum itself is a beautiful heritage. To be honest I prefer observing the details of the building than the exhibits lol. But it was also an interesting experience to draw the happenings inside the museum.

I paid attention to every corners in the museum and observe the interactions between every visitors. I could see more than I usually did while visiting museums.



The lighting and architecture form a beautiful image.

fullsizerender-2 img_4665

Any unexpected areas could be our photo spot XD

img_4651 img_4654

These areas reminded me of the movie “Night in the Museum”.

e img_4634

Here are some sketches I drew in the museum. I tried to use different colours to distinguish the distance and spatial.




Meeting new friend!

Today is the first back to uni after our long winter holiday.
We meet a new friend whom Steve had brought her over for a visit and demonstration. (forgot to ask about her name..)
However I was too concentrated on playing with her and left the observation bit behind.. lol
I have been wanting to touch and feel snakes for long time!
It’s like a dream come true today!XD So much fun!

e c

d  a



I’m going to start my bird’s animation tomorrow!XD

A day in Cambridge

During the winter holiday, my friends from Hong Kong came to London for travelling. We travelled around London and had a nice artistic and historic trip in Cambridge.

First of all, let the day begins with a bag of strawberry candies! There was a market opened on the day we visited. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to check everything out and just directly headed to the colleges.


I was amazed by the aesthetic architectures all along the street and how delicate were the sculptures made. Stained glasses on the wall all looked like masterpieces.

i d

e a


f c


Let’s wrap things up with a photo taken in front of the Bridge of Sighs.


The famous action star, Jackie Chan’s signature pose – THUMB UP.