Sharing | Shin0 Kim

ShinYoung Kim is a Korean animator and illustrator.
She studied multimedia which specializes in commercial visuals, such as music videos, commercial advertisements and motion graphics.
Her works are very colourful and bold.

Once I saw her work randomly on Facebook. Then I deeply fell in love with her art direction and animation style.

She creates beautiful and modern motion graphics by using simple organic shapes. I can tell that every transition are well-planned.

Here is another piece of her works which I like the most.
I love her uses of colours and composition.
There are a lot of items going on in the video but you never find them looking too busy.
The animation of characters are quite simple yet smooth which make the


More works from her portfolio site. HERE


Personal Lip Sync

We recorded sound clips for our personal lip sync exercise on Tuesday.
It was my first time ever experiencing studio recording.
It was quite fun but also panicking, as there were so many professional equipments in the studio and the sound recording software looked like a complete stranger to me.


So weird to hear my own voice..
Anyway, I was assigned to work on Nic’s line.

On the previous weekend, I saw a sharing of TV ad on Facebook.
I was quite impressed by the character design and art direction.

YouTube Preview Image

Inspired by this TV ad, I created a chubby nobleman character.
He is very confident and determined.


Here is the work in progress,

Please ask me for password. XD