Children Society | Deadline adjustment

HUARRY!!!!!! 😀
I was super depressed before hearing the deadline was postponed. I seriously thought that it was a mission impossible..
Now thanks to Shaun’s and Steve’s wise decision, we have 5 more days to work on the project which means I have time for colouring and editing, even adding shadows as finishing touch!


Last week we had an acting out session for the Children Society project.
It was more useful than I expected.
I got to experience the weight and happening of my character.
Now I know how serious was the event.

Here is one of the recording did in class.

pw: csm2017

Many thanks to Valeria helping me out!!

And my work in progress>


Still a long way to go….


Children Society | Storyboard

Here is the first pencil draft of my storyboard.

I have been thinking about the storyboard since our Easter Holiday. The previous version was far more complicated. But less is more. (Even though this version already looks complicated enough..)

And the animatic which I presented to the Children Society..


They didn’t have much comments on this version. (except holding the last scene a bit longer)
I am not sure if this is a good sign or not, as I would love to improve and get the best results. Anyway, I am still seeking for a finer visual treatment which I may add some texture or shadow. Finger crossed!