Last day of year 1

Time really flies when we do animation…

On the last day of term we received the brief of ENO projects and learned about planning our graduation film.

After a couple of days, I finally can feel like knowing the answer to Steve’s questions during the assessment day. XD My brain wasn’t functioning at all due to lack of sleep for the past few weeks. Basically I had been sleeping 4-5 hours per day to try finishing the CS project as much as possible. I literally felt like dying any second. lol

Although 10 months passed quickly, I’ve actually learned a lot from this course. From zero animation background to making 1-minute micro-short film, I can’t believe everything happened in a few months.

I see the outcome from the effort that I have put. I never worked that hard before. I am really proud of myself. XD

Now I seriously need some rest.. then I will start doing researches for the coming projects. I have already got an idea for my graduation film. I am hoping to make use of the chance to promote my beloved hometown, Hong Kong, to clarify some misunderstanding. All I need is to figure out a way to tell all the story.haha I am going to take more photos and explore around Hong Kong when I go back in September! CAN’T WAIT!!! <3


Children Society | Background Design

I wanted to design simple and flat background. Less work and focus more on the characters. However I am a bit regret to it haha.

Drawing characters in larger size takes ages…. and killing me XD

I will try to avoid that next time if possible!

I am still struggling about whether I should use grey or green as main color for the first scene.. As I usually don’t use green for any of my works but seems like it is going well with the orange here. At the same time grey creates a subtle and peaceful environment ..

maybe i’ll just create 2 versions ahaha


The title card design~

Getting there!

Children Society | Workshop

2 more weeks left and still a very long way to go..

This week I had a workshop (?) with Shaun and showed him my work in progress. I still have got some key frames of some scenes rough and unfinished..  It was so comforting after meeting Shaun as he said it’s not necessary to animate everything within a time limit XD

But I still need to plan for the remaining workload..

My schedule 😀

Everyday view..

Children Society | Rough Cut Critic

This Wednesday was the Rough Cut Critic with Children Society.

Here was the edit which I presented.

pw: csm2017


Pacing and speed is quite different from the animatic after adding more movement and animation.
Tutors and guests suggested to take out some of the scenes to slower down the speed and make the film looking less busy.

Shaun really helped a lot at adjusting the timing of my rough cut at our short meeting after the critic.
Now I am following the revised timing to develop my animation.

Just feeling a bit sad to take out some scene which I have already finished XD.. And I thought these scenes would help on expressing the character’s emotions..


Anyway I am hoping for a better outcome!!