Graduation Film Research

I have been wanting to create something that records my city’s situation and shows it’s distinctive identity.

After an amount of readings, I am particularly interested in the following topics,

Housing problems

Hong Kong has been the top 10 of the global competitiveness ranking for years but the living standard of our citizen has been declining. Everyone works so hard for a living but barely gets an equal return. The government never put local citizen on the first priority.


Heritage/ Cultural conservation

During the progress of researches, I realised how am I lack of knowledge and not knowing the city. I don’t what to create something that is based on imagination and not supported by facts.

I needed to keep reading and doing more researches if I really wanted to do the above topics. Then I paused the readings and took a deep breathe. I looked for something that I have been knowing since I was born. It is Cantonese. Someone defines it as a dialect but I see it as a language. It has completely different meanings and pronunciation to Mandarin. Even the grammar is different.

Doing more researches, I realised the importance of protecting a language as it affects and contains the culture of an ethnic. What the Chinese government has been doing is to replace Cantonese with Mandarin. Scholars have proven the historical significance of Cantonese which has been used in well-known poems and poetries, is much olderĀ then Mandarin. The Chinese government has been degrading as a non-civilised dialect.

I want to create a film that shows how humorous and flexible Cantonese is.


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