Year 2 Assessment Feedback

I just got the feedback for the ENO group project.

I feel terribly sad and annoyed when I saw one of the comments saying that my performance at blogging was terrible. First of all, my “life” isn’t defined by writing blogs… I don’t have leisure time to visit exhibitions once a week. I work so hard try not to make myself regards quitting my job in HK and spending all my savings to come to UK. I would never judge people based on my own imagination.

Why would I write a blog on this terribly designed website when I didn’t even have time to talk to my family and lovely grandma.

I worked so hard for the project (as everyone did) and I believe that the outcomes have shown how much effort I put.

I used to blog on this kind of old-fashioned website 10 years ago during my high school life. (A website called Xanga which has been shut down due to the raise of social media.)

Anyway, I will still do my best to write blog here just to meet the course requirement. But I would like to recommend using a more up-to-dated platform that having a better user interface, for example tumblr, instagram, or even building our own Facebook page. I believe those would really help us reaching and promoting our works to the world. (Which I believe most of the class have been working to build their own branding.)

I have started doing the research for my final project.
I would really like to do something that relate to my hometown Hong Kong.

I will share more research on the next post. 🙂

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