Cha Chaan Teng – Calligraphic menu

It has been always fun to look at the handwritten menus from our local restaurants. The senior staffs always have their own calligraphic style!
And nearly all of them are amazing!!

It is a signature that I would love to preserve.


Therefore I wanted to include this kind of calligraphy in my film!

Some of my friends are very good in calligraphy that I asked them for help XD I briefed them with the list below.

I am so greedy XDD
But fortunately they were happy to help !!
I asked one for Chinese and one for Phonetics, as they have different strength and I wanted them to share the workload. hahah

I am super satisfied with the outcome!! and I am so surprised about how much effort they have put!!!

They are amazing!!
Preserving the traditional style and also creating a trendy look!

Here is one of the drafted outcome,


More are coming!

Site visit – Mido cafe

I went back to Hong Kong in February for various reasons.
One of them was for a site visit at Mido cafe, where the story based at.

It is a signature and famous cafe in Hong Kong.
Even though it is called cafe, it serves all kind of food and dishes just like a restaurant.

The cafe has 2 levels and a very traditional interior design.
I love their color combination very much.

My friend helped me taking reference images XD

And I also got the sound recording of the crowd in the cafe!
The waiters acted exactly like my imagination XD some of them are demanding and straightforward, some of them are anxious and panicking haha typical Hong kongnese.
I had fun doing researches! 😀