We had a pitching to the composers from Royal College of Music.
I was so awkward for me that I really hated this kind of socialising event. XD
(We were packed in a tiny room that everyone hunted for a right composer.. felt like a speed dating XD)

Anyway, I listened to all their showreels before the pitching.
I found someone who might be able to create the cheerful and fun atmosphere that I was looking for.
His name is Vincent and here is his showreel,

I was terrified with the speed dating situation. Luckily, he found my pitching interesting that he jotted my name and came to talk to me actively. (Thanks god XD)

We had a few discussions through email and he found my animatic a bit confusing. Therefore, I created an explanation list for him to clarify those Cantonese phrases.


Then we agreed to work together. He shared some of his works which are so energetic that I thought would be working well for my film.

And I have also shared a reference which I like very much,

Looking forward to see my film with cheerful music!