Train to Busan

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Train to Busan is Korea’s first-ever zombie film.
Instead of scaring audiences all along, it talks about human morality and focuses on expressing characters’ inner personalities and motions.
All the actors are so professional and convincing that they can hold audiences captive.
I had never seen a zombie film that made me feel so emotional and rethink about our values in the society.
It has proven the professional level of Korean production.

Highly recommended!!
It is a very intense film that will never make you fall asleep.
And good news is it will be arriving at UK Cinemas on the 28th October!!

There is a London Korean Film Festival coming in November.
More information on their Facebook page.
Korean films will definitely give you an emotional winter.

Nei Ho! :D

Nei ho! (means hi in Cantonese)

I’m a designer/ illustrator from Hong Kong. This is my first time in London, new to everything! XD

I had been working in the digital advertising industry for approximately 4 years. Didn’t really enjoy it most of the time… Last year, I thought that it was time for a break and a restart. And now I’m here to try something which I’ve been wanting to do! I’m so glad that I made this decision and stepped out of my comfort zone.

I love illustration and designing characters! And I would really love to see my characters come to life!

my first ever large scale drawing is finally published!
It’s a freelance halloween job which I’ve done for DDB.
Our client was the Peak Galleria, Hong Kong.
It was nothing creative and special. But I’m sooooo happy that my personal work is finally been seen by the public!
Please go visit if you have time to travel to Hong Kong during Halloween! lol



More on their Facebook 🙂

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